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If you are having problems bidding and not getting a council house, report to the Local Government Ombudsman contact number 0300 061 0614 I will post links for you to see here and if you look at the number of BIDS on houses you can see what is happening. This needs reporting NOW for it to STOP!!! It is CONSTANTLY happening. The council DONT listen. It is time to make a stand!! If the links dont work then copy and paste into your web browser, or look on Island Home Finder, click on Recent Lets tab, click on dates and see how many are on there for not very long, and are in Bands 4 and 5 which are the lowest and how many end up getting a council house!!!

I have been in Band 2, homeless with 2 children. I bid on a house, was in position number 2 for it, yet heard NOTHING from the council! No letter, no phone call! I know the neighbours and they said 5 families were shown round, yet I heard nothing. It was 3 beds which I was in the right criteria for. If you look on their site like I said, there are some houses/flats that have only had 1 person/family bid on them and they have been in Bands 4 and 5. They may have only been on the list for a few months. There are 1 beds and 2 and 3 bed houses being allocated with only one person bidding on them. This seems wrong somehow as others have had up to 200 people bidding on one property....

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