Codd Bottle 1890-1910 - W.B. MEW LANGTON & Co. Ltd Ryde, Isle Of Wight
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Codd Bottle 1890-1910 - W.B. MEW LANGTON & Co. Ltd NEWPORT I.W Brewery

The bottle is what was known as a Codd bottle which was invented in 1870 by Hiram Codd of Barnsley. You will find a groove inside the top of the bottle. This groove originally contained a rubber ring and the ball was held against it with the gas pressure of the pop. The glass ball is still in the bottle.

This bottle was manufactured by a friend / associate of Hiram Codds called Dan Rylands who was a manufacturer of bottles and equipment used in the production of mineral waters. It dates approx 1890-1910. The glass colour is what we call aqua glass (tinted green) and it is what the Victorians produced as clear glass. Codd bottles were the main design of bottles used at this time for lemonade.

W.B.MEW LANGTON & Co.Ltd was brewery in Newport here on the Isle Of Wight and this is embossed in the glass.

Would like £2.00 please.

Phone 01983718497 or email me. Thankyou!

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